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Our Mission

To unify the world through yoga …

Bringing together teachers and practitioners of all yoga paths to share their common message, spreading yoga across the globe to promote world peace …

GaneshaThe United World Yoga Trust is an unincorporated association of teachers and other beings with an interest in yoga who aim to use this ancient science of wellbeing to inspire generations of people to transform their lives from the inside out.

Our mission is to make yoga wisdom and potential accessible to all beings on the planet, particularly those who, due to challenging circumstances, may not have had the opportunity to taste its unlimited benefits before.

By making yoga accessible to all we greatly encourage and support the higher vibrational shift that is taking place.

United World Yoga Trust is a charity organisation and, although at the beginning of its journey right now, by 2019 we aim to be offering yoga events in many countries.

Our events are always run on a donation basis and aim to incorporate aspects of all four main yoga paths – meditation, action, knowledge and devotion (Dyana, Karma, Jnana and Bhakti Yogas). We go out of our way to extend invitations into the world of yoga to people who often don’t get to hear about these kinds of events, e.g. homeless and disabled people, and those living in poverty.

On a practical level yoga science can teach people how to keep warm, energized and achieve a state of balance even in challenging circumstance and, as many of us already know, regular practice is usually the start of powerful transformation in our lives. At deeper levels we access the natural union of all beings, encouraging us to live from a more integrated and generous place.

Why Join?

If you relate to our mission statement and would like to show your support by joining our community and be kept informed of events and projects in your area once in a while…

If you are a teacher, passionate about what you have to share, have a venue you  can offer or would like to help in any other way to set up a yoga event in your area under the umbrella of our global theme….

If you would like to support the creation of an exiting new International Yoga centre in Ujjain, Central India… Each new member takes us one step closer…

…please leave your details below, with no obligation to perform any further action… We will definitely not share your details with anyone else.

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All paths lead to union …