Kundalini Yoga – By Donna Kyle, 21st June – Orgiva

KUNDALINI YOGA (as taught by Yogi Bhajan)

I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 7 years and believe that it came to me at exactly the right time in my life, when I was wondering, “is this all there is to life?  Surely not?” I found and of course, continue to find that the technology of Kundalini gives me the faculty/tools to change my negative beliefs (once I became aware of them), to love myself, to strengthen and trust my intuition, to become neutral in most situations, to manage my emotions, to strengthen my physical body, to see the bigger picture, to grow/evolve/expand.  I also love that Kundalini yoga is complete in that every class involves, physical exercise, breathing techniques, mantras and meditation.

That’s my experience come and have your experience of the transformational power of just one class of Kundalini yoga.

“Kundalini means awareness.  It is the active coming together of you as a finite identity with you as an infinite potential identity. Kundalini Yoga is the technology to awaken your awareness and take you into your original Self.  It is a natural unfolding of your own nature.”

  • The Aquarian Teacher

This evening class will be a total work out for the thyroid, pituitary and pineal glands (suitable for all).  We will sing the meditation – The Mangalacharan Mantra for Protection and Projection of the Heart. English and Spanish



Iyengar Yoga By Brenda Blades – 21st June, Orgiva

B.K.S. Iyengar was born on 14/12/1918. He started practicing Yoga as a teenager in an effort to improve his ill health after contracting tuberculosis, studying with his brother in law, Krishnamacharya in Mysore, India. He began teaching in 1936 and helped introduce yoga to the western world in the 1950’s. Aged 80 he was interviewed by the B.B.C. in U.K> where he answered questions “nothing unusual about that” except he spoke while in head balance! Sadly he left his body in 2014, aged 95 years.

Iyengar yoga is a form of Hatha yoga where emphasis is on detail, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asana) and breath control (pranayama) By paying attention to the anatomical details of the asanas it helps to develop strength, mobility and stability. Iyengar yoga includes very little Vinasa flow. Instead poses are held fro longer periods whilst alignment is improved and often modified with props such as belts and blocks to acquire the maximum benefit from the postures, creating free flow of energy to improve your mind, body and soul connection.

Whether you’re new to yoga or just new to Iyengar I encourage you to give this style a try and see how much it can benefit you with your own practice.

“Yoga is like music, the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul. It creates the rhythm of life” B.K.S. Iyengar.

Brenda Blades has been practicing yoga since 1981. She qualified as a teacher in 1991 (introductory) and Junior intermediate in 1995. She has practiced yoga for 37 years and teaching Iyengar yoga for 27. She has been to Pune many times and had the privilege to work with B.K.S. himself, his daughter Geeta and son Prasant.

She will be teaching a class at our Orgiva Yoga day on 21st June at 10am…

Oneness and separation with Nathan Godolphin…

Following our own
search for meaning, leading ourselves along the path of
self-inquiry and questioning all that we assume ourselves to
be, something ‘more’ emerges. This is nothing more
(or less!) than the deeper Truth
of Who We Are and What Reality Is. But nothing is being
prescribed… this is all for you to decide. We are
Consciousness Itself, choosing its chosen way!

The talk is a
sharing of Universal Wisdom, presented in a new Way of
Seeing. This is none other than the seeing of who we
are- in terms of Oneness, separation, Timelessness and time.
It is all about Awareness. The Ever-Present
Reality of Awareness. This Awareness is ours… and we are
configuring it all the time, through our knowledge and
understanding- whether we are aware of it or not.

Perhaps it is best
to be aware of what we are working with here- to get an
overall picture- a new framework for Being. A Story that can
be broad enough to guide us, and yet flexible enough to
accommodate all the nuanced differences
we see in this world. As we see, so we are.
Aware of Awareness… conscious of Consciousness…
we can align as fully as we can, and live as much as
(in) the innate
Presence and Power of OUR OWN LIFE.

International Yoga day Celebration – 16th June 2018 – Brighton…


Zenways Yoga with Matt Farren…   At 12pm

Zen Yoga is based around postures from Hatha and Daoist traditions to open up specific meridian lines which keep us in tune with the seasons. Zen means meditation so we’re encouraged to be fully present through our felt sense throughout the practice. We’ll explore this further and allow the body to spontaneously move in a way which it’s intuitive wisdom shows…

Kundalini Yoga with Maria Bjornberg…  At 1pm

Kundalini Yoga: is often described as the Yoga of Awareness. It is a powerful to to embrace all aspects of life, connect to both the finite and the infinite, to the form and the formless. Important to Maria Varanpal is the integration of sound healing and vibrations, usually with her synodic moon gong, singing bowl, wind chime,…. and always our voices…

Self enquiry/ meditation with Paul Hurcomb… At 2pm

Paul emanates a Deep and refreshingly powerful state of presence…  The main aim of his meetings is to bring the ancient wisdom teachings from the east and present them in an ordinary, down to earth way, so that whoever feels drawn to the ancient wisdom path of self inquiry can have easy access and  support in finding their own stillness, silence and inner peace.  See www.meetingsinstillness.com for more details…

Pure Yoga with Leonie Dunlop…  At 3pm

Simple asanas to balance body, mind and soul – as taught by Swami Purohit… A gentle but powerful and deeply nourishing practice which moves all the Prana vayus (energy currents) that run through and around the body to stimulate and maintain a more vibrant experience of being Alive…  Suitable for all ages and abilities…


Oneness and Separation – An encounter with Nathan Godolphin…  At 3pm

Our cosmic story… A talk on the nature of consciousness, reality and the Self (More details above)

More class details will follow soon…



Paul Hurcomb – Meetings in Stillness

Published by Leonie Dunlop · 2nd May at 13:44 · It is our great pleasure to confirm that Paul Hurcomb will be joining us at our BRIGHTON event to lead an exploration of Jnana Yoga/Self enquiry… In this busy world it is a true gift to sit with him and experience the depth of presence and peace that he can guide you to access within yourself…

NOT TO BE MISSED – PAUL HURCOMB   http://www.meetingsinstillness.com

united world yoga trust

 Meetings in Stillness Meetings in Stillness, Self enquiry meditation meetings, group retreats and individual sessions to discover The Natural State of Being.

New connections…

We have just hooked up with Brighton Yoga Foundation who created the biggest FREE Yoga Festival in Europe – 14/15th July (this year) and Om retreats.

Both organisations offer FREE events to spread the message and peace of Yoga, particularly aiming to reach people who haven’t had the chance of experience before…

We have agreed to support each other in our very similar missions…. SEE www.brightonyogafoundation.org and www.omretreats.co.uk for more details of all the great work they’re doing….